Etalon Diagnostics is proud to be partnered with the following Scientific and Veterinary Advisors. Please click on title of the presentation to access the link to their individual webinars:

Genetic Secrets for Horse Performance

Live Q&A with Etalon Panelists:
Kent Allen, DVM, Samantha Brooks, Ph.D, Karen O'Connor, and Jeff Petska

Aired: Tuesday, September 15th

On Demand Video


Doc Gunner: Genetic Deep Dive Part 1

Julie Goodnight Horsemanship

Aired: Thursday, September 17th

On Demand Facebook Podcast


The Impact of DNA on the Performance Horse

Samantha Brooks, Ph.D
Brooks Equine Lab

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Richard Mitchell, D.V.M, MRCVS, Dipl. ACVSMR, Fairfield Equine

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Kent Allen, D.V.M, ISELP, VP and Exec. Director of ISELP, Virginia Equine Imaging

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