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Etalon Equine Genetic Services for Veterinarians

Etalon Equine Genetics works closely with veterinarians in research, discovery, animal health and client services. Expeditious and affordable genetic diagnostics, identification, testing, and forensic analysis are all available to the DVM direct. Breed testing, disease variants, performance, custom panels, and sample matching from hair, blood, tissue or forensic specimens can be performed. Genetic counseling is included to the veterinary staff or client as needed.

Etalon live support to veterinarians: Call/text us at 650.380.2995 for genetic inquiry.

Discover, diagnose & improve equine health together

Core to the Etalon mission is the acceleration of equine genetic discovery. It is our belief that scientific discovery cannot be developed efficiently in a vacuum, but rather in a forum filled with folks who know their animals best - horse people and veterinarians. Collaborations and preclinical studies are ongoing. Please join us!



Welcome to an Evolution in equine genetics! With Etalon's new Build-a-Horse tool, choose your color & performance genes, match sires and dams, and build your dream horse. Get started now at


Comprehensive genetic testing for the DVM! 

Know your horse down to the DNA with Etalon Equine Genetics. Starting at $139 MiniPanel includes more than 40 traits for health, colors, performance, abilities & more. Get started at or call us now for on-site service.

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Ancestry, Genetic Composition &

Inbreeding Coefficient Analysis

Equine ancestry and composition analysis is an in-depth comparison of your horse's genetic make-up and how it is like, or unlike, other horses within various breeds, disciplines, and populations around the world. Understanding your horse's Ancestry will help you better understand their suitability. 

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