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The Results

EtalonDx DNA Minipanel Plus REPORT IMAGE

Samples submitted to Etalon will be processed each week (and more frequently during breeding season).  As our sample volumes increase our sample submission times will occur more frequently as needed.  If you should have a pre-purchase, breeding or otherwise time sensitive matter we recommend the following:

- Send your sample using a tracked service (we recommend UPS or FedEx)

- Let us know what your needs are so we can better serve you and make every effort to accommodate your situation; we're horse people & we get it!


Results will be provided in a comprehensive report via an emailed PDF document with live links for easy access to reference material should you have questions regarding the scientific publications, allele affect descriptions or in-depth information into each genetic sequence reported on your horse. 


Reports are confidential and no personal demographic information from our clients are ever shared or disclosed without written permission from that client.


While a majority of the alleles identified on the MiniPanel are "known" and highly accurate (above 97%) we are also actively conducting research in collaboration with our clients, riders, owners and scientists across the country.  As a result, we may include early-stage, or "non-validated", alleles from time to time as client interest and scientific need dictates.  These early-stage (or "in progress" research) alleles are labeled as "Discovery" alleles and may have only smaller studies or loose associations at this time to varying traits or phenotypes.  As a client and horse owner, you may be asked to offer you feedback, opinions and thoughts regarding each Discovery allele and whether or not it accurately depicts the animal tested.  This kind of horse-person and scientific collaboration is what we hope will aide us all in the accelerated discovery of genetic traits and health risks to our precious equine athletes!


Should you have questions at any time regarding your results report, ideas, or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately - we value your horse expertise and your opinions will help dictate the path of the future science for horses.

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