Ordering a DNA Diagnostic Panel



1.  Prepare by viewing this brief, "How to" video in advance:  EQUINE DNA SAMPLING
2. Organize in advance which horses you would like to test.
3. Have your horses' information ready to register, any pertinent owner and trainer info, a method of payment, and the ability to pull a good sample of hair (at least 30-40 hairs from mane or tail WITH roots - more is better).
4. Be sure you have access to your email so we can confirm your account, and a printer so you can print a submission form.
5. Have a clean envelope and postage ready to seal the form and horse hair/DNA sample inside - NO KIT NEEDED.



Click on Order a Test  or click the order button in the top right-hand corner of this page and you will be walked through the process, asked to enter your information and "add a horse", then click "order a test".  Choose your test package, then your billing information will be reviewed and the item(s) added to your shopping cart in preparation for payment.


You may choose Paypal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express as you prefer via our Paypal payment button.  If you have a referral or promotional code, be sure and enter it as well (horse shows or preclinical only at this time).  Review the total charge before you confirm.


Once you've completed the process, you will find a prefilled Sample Submission Form in your horses' profile (under the Test History section) to be printed.  It contains a specifically marked space to place and secure your horse's sample. Please send off your horse DNA samples as soon as possible for processing.

What to Expect



As we are a boutique business and our testing process (and your equine DNA sample) has multiple checks in place to ensure that the results provided are as accurate as possible.  You can expect results for your DNA panel in 7-10 working days from the time we begin processing the sample in our laboratory.  Testing results will be provided via an email (PDF) and uploaded to your online account (if you choose to enroll).


Pricing:  Our current pricing model includes:  The DNA Minipanel  (50+  traits for $99),  the DNA Minipanel PLUS (60+traits) for $149, Ancestry & Composition for $149 per individual horse, Parentage and couture services for specialized breeding or interests (we can even drive or fly to your barn and guide you through the process and do all of the work for you).  Please feel free to inquire about group discounts or special services, as we are happy to help!



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