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Etalon Scientific Advisors

Dr. Samantha Brooks


Samantha Brooks, PhD.- A lifelong horsewoman, Dr. Samantha Brooks was diverted from vet school by a budding passion for equine research. Following a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Biotechnology, Dr. Brooks remained at the University of Kentucky to study at the Gluck Equine Research Center. While there she earned her PhD in Veterinary Science, specializing in Equine Genetics under the mentorship of Dr. Ernest Bailey. Learn More...


Dr. Carlos Bustamante


Carlos Bustamante, PhD., MS. is currently Professor of Genetics and Founding Director, Stanford University Center for Computational, Evolutionary and Human Genomics and now Chair, Big Data Biosciences, Stanford. He is a graduate of Harvard University with a post-doctoral credential in mathematical genetics. Dr. Bustamante’s research interests focus on analyzing genome wide patterns of variation within and between species to address fundamental questions in biology, anthropology and medicine. Learn More...


Dr. Meredith Carpenter 

Meredith Carpenter, PhD.Le  has been on the Advisory Board of Etalon Dx since 2014 and is also Director of Assay R&D at Arc Bio, LLC. She has a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley and performed her postdoctoral research in the Genetics Department at Stanford University. Dr. Carpenter is passionate about applying the tools of molecular biology and genomics to improve healthcare, and she specializes in developing novel methods for sequencing nucleic acids in forensic and clinical samples. Learn More...


Dr. Adam Freund

Adam Freund, PhD., is a molecular biologist and biochemist at Calico following a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford studying the mechanisms that regulate telomerase and telomere maintenance. After an undergraduate degree in Materials Science from Stanford, Dr. Freund jumped across the bay to UC Berkeley, where he earned a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology for his investigations into the role of chronic inflammation in cellular aging and senescence. Learn more...


Dr. Heather Holl


Heather Holl, PhD. - Originally from Maryland, Dr. Holl graduated from Otterbein College in central Ohio with a B.Sc. in Equine Science and Molecular Biology, followed by a Ph.D. from Cornell University in Animal Science.  Her dissertation work focused on the use of newer genomic technologies to study the equine genome, involving traits such as chromosomal abnormalities, laminitis, and white spotting patterns.  Learn More...


Dr. Russell Kerschmann


Russell Kerschmann, MD. - A physician and biomedical executive, Dr. Kerschmann's specialties include clinical laboratory services, life science research and medical device development. He is presently the Medical Director and CLIA license holder for several prominent Silicon Valley laboratories, including Crescendo Biosciences, Ascend Clinical, Diagnostic Laboratories and Notable Labs, being responsible for the medical quality of over 20 million laboratory tests per year. Dr. Kerschmann also served as Chief of the Division of Space Biosciences at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Learn More...

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