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Etalon Diagnostics is proud to offer unique comprehensive genetic identification panels for companion and performance horses beginning with the DNA MiniPanel (55+ genetic tests together for one price starting at $119 USD).


The DNA Minipanel ($119) includes Coat Color & Patterns, Health & Disease Risk, Abilities & Performance Genetics in one comprehensive horse DNA test.

The DNA Minipanel PLUS ($159) includes all of the Minipanel diagnostic tests plus Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome, Hoof Wall Separation Disease, Hydrocephalus, Immune Mediated Myositis (IMM), Roaring (RLN) and now Equine Metabolic Syndrome and EMS-related Laminitis.  

Equine Ancestry & Composition Analysis ($149) is an in-depth comparison of your horse's genetic make-up and how it is like, or unlike, other horses within various "breeds", disciplines, and populations around the world. 

Build-a-Horse & Find-a-Horse (subscription access available through your EtalonDx account)   Access the most unique animal genetics tool in the world! Match horses and see the genetic potential of your future foal, or search for a specific horse. Your dream horse is just a few clicks away!

ID & Parentage (1 sample for $50 or 3 samples for $129) ​The Etalon SNP Parentage analysis relies upon the principles of inheritance and ISAG recommendations to determine whether two horses are related.

Please note that a few traits will overlap categories and many discovery traits may not currently listed, as we add new traits often.  Please check for updates!

Order online or email us and we can send you customized instructions and an invoice with secure payment options.


Our couture diagnostic equine DNA testing service will allow you to create your own perfect combination helping you assess the overall level of your horses' health and well-being including:  genetic conditions, abilities and talents, stress, disease, disease susceptibility, biological age vs chronological age, circulating nutrition and even how effective your current exercise plan is for your horse. This panel allows you to have the most comprehensive data currently possible to ensure cutting edge preventative health care as well as the best competitive edge for your equine athlete. 

Refund policy:  To ensure the highest level of individualized service to our clients, we are offering our DNA panel in limited numbers only. No warranty or guarantee of results is offered and once genetic reports have been provided, all sales are final.  Any consideration of refunds due to client dissatisfaction or possible testing issue will be considered on a case by case basis. Our goal is to provide the most accurate genetic testing available on a comprehensive, affordable, and highly accurate platform.  Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome!  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested and we will be happy to assist you.


Disclaimer:  We provide genetic identification services only (identification of genetic sequences that have shown correlations to specific phenotypes or conditions) and no veterinary or medical advice will be supplied.  Although results are highly accurate, no scientific testing is 100% accurate at all times and results should be carefully reviewed by you and your veterinarian.  Questions are always welcome and please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns. We always recommend reviewing any medical concerns with your veterinarian first and foremost. 


Clinical trials are ongoing - limited space - please inquire.