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Samantha Brooks PhD Equine Geneticist

Dr. Samantha Brooks

Dr. Brooks' Equine Genetics Lab explores a variety of topics relevant to horse health and performance using modern genomic tools like RNA-seq, genome wide association mapping, and genome resequencing.


Dr. Adam Freund

Adam Freund, PhD., is a molecular biologist and biochemist. He has proven to be a key advisor to Team Etalon in the areas of scientific innovation, sample data management as well as the daunting task of translating the complexities of genetics into real-world "English". 


Dr. Laura Patterson Rosa

She graduated as a Veterinarian in Brazil, at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, in early 2015. She worked in the lab back at Cornell University for a summer, for the Veterinary Investigator Program, and fell in love with the field of equine genetics. She's currently researching gait and anhidrosis. 

Russ Kerschmann MD NASA

Dr. Russell Kerschmann

A physician and biomedical executive, Dr. Kerschmann's specialties include clinical laboratory services, life science research and medical device development. 


Dr. Jon Oatley

Dr. Jon Oatley is a professor and the Director of Washington State University’s Center for Reproductive Biology. The majority of his research career has focused on the regulation of undifferentiated spermatogonial maintenance and differentiation in mammals.


Dr. Henry Lopez

Henry Lopez is currently President and CSO at MuriGenics. Henry has over 25 years in Biotechnology and has collaborated with national and international scientific/academic organizations.

Carlos Bustamante Phd Stanford population genetics

Dr. Carlos Bustamante

Carlos Bustamante, PhD., MS. is currently Professor of Genetics and Founding Director, Stanford University Center for Computational, Evolutionary and Human Genomics and now Chair, Big Data Biosciences, Stanford.


Dr. Meredith Carpenter

Meredith Carpenter has a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology and performed her postdoctoral research in the Genetics Department at Stanford University. She is closely involved with the development of core technologies as well as exploring new avenues for equine genetics research.


Dr. Heather Holl

Heather Holl, Ph.D, focuses on the use of newer genomic technologies to study the equine genome, involving traits such as chromosomal abnormalities, laminitis, and white spotting patterns. 

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