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W23 Arabian Mutation Discovery

Team Etalon recently released a post with exciting news - a new mutation was found in Arabian stallion Payback Flamboyant! More details will come very soon as the scientific publication is in process. Peer review is such an important step to ensure the science is sound, and we're working hard behind the scenes to be able to share more.

Speaking of novel mutations in Arabians, here's another one discovered by Team Etalon in a lovely group of long-deceased Australian horses. Read the scientific, peer-reviewed publication here: In 2017, Team Etalon was contacted by a group of Arabian breeders living in Marin, CA and asked to meet and discuss some mystery white horses. Upon meeting with the group, photos were presented of a few lovely white Arabians. The group not only had photos, but even had preserved hair and hide samples from these long-deceased animals and the mystery had since lived in their minds. Taking the samples and the photos, the team began searching the genomes and, behold, found the W23 mutation!

Genetic discoveries are definitely exciting, and we love keeping you involved throughout every step of the process. Does your horse have mystery white markings, a particular talent or health issue? Could it be genetic? Let us help! Ask team Etalon & participate in equine genetic research to discover more about your horse.

Email us to talk genetic research!

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