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Three Exciting Discoveries Lead to New Testing Available through Etalon

Team Etalon is on a roll - Merada White, Scandalous White and W30, three newly-discovered novel white variants are now available for testing only through EtalonDx. Here's a look at what we can tell you about each of these new genes:


Distinct features: all-white phenotype

In August 2020, Etalon researchers were presented with a puzzling - and adorable - case from France. Our team was presented with two all-white horses: an Arab-Barb stallion imported from Morocco, Aghilasse, and his first foal, Kairaan. After digging deep into their DNA, EtalonDx researchers shared an exciting announcement: these horses were the carriers of a NEW Dominant White gene, named W30. Since then, the buzz has only grown! French reporters have swarmed to Ghislaine's barn to witness the horses themselves. She and her horses have been featured by several French news outlets and magazines.

Merada White

Distinct features: unique white spot-like markings, bald face, all-white phenotype

Cookin Merada should have been a sorrel with minimal white - a star on his head, perhaps; a sock or two. His sire is a solid sorrel with a cutting pedigree, and his dam also bears the solid color of her cutting ancestors. Cookin Merada is, to put it mildly, colorful; bearing a bald face and white splashed up his legs all the way to his chest and belly. His offspring are even more uniquely colored, and his filly, Silken Merada's all-white coat led to the discovery of this exciting new gene. Etalon researchers are still hard at work behind the scenes on this discovery, and will be releasing a publication soon with more information on the mutation. Testing is already available by ordering the "Merada White" test through your EtalonDx account.

Scandalous White

Distinct features: high white socks on legs, distinct white facial markings, little to no markings on body

Just released, this new gene is especially interesting. Meet The Double Standard, a 4-year-old American Quarter & Paint horse that is a carrier of this newly-discovered unique white gene, "Scandalous White"! This mutation is available for testing online through EtalonDx. More information coming soon on this exciting novel white variant, so keep an eye on Etalon's website and blog to be the first to know more.

Test your horse now for just one or all three of these exciting new novel white variants!

Test for one mutation for $59, or all three for $129. Order testing through your EtalonDx online account by clicking the button above. Know your horse down to the DNA with Etalon Diagnostics.

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