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Newly-Discovered “Flamboyant White” Testing Available NOW for Pre-Order at Discount

Did you see our recent announcement that a new novel white variant has been found in the Arabian Stallion, Payback Flamboyant? We have exciting news - testing for this new novel white, nicknamed “Flamboyant White”, is now available for pre-order in the early discovery phase! The cost to pre-order this test is $59, but will increase to $79 after official release. This is an early-stage release, and our goal is to have your horse’s results available within 4-6 weeks. The scientific publication for this new mutation is currently in process and we can’t wait to share it once the journal has accepted and released it to us!

Meet Payback Flamboyant! When performing DNA sequencing on this beautiful Arabian stallion, Etalon researchers made a fantastic discovery: a brand-new novel white mutation. Payback Flamboyant’s color summary is A/a, e/e, nd1/nd2 and a NEW mutation, resulting in all that beautiful chrome.

Horses with this new mutation may present with white stockings, belly marks, and facial markings. The mutation has been found in several breeds thus far, and we look forward to expanding this study.

Pre-order testing for your horse NOW and pay to receive this discount for the “Flamboyant White” variant. We hope to officially release testing and have your results to you in 4-6 weeks. The price will increase from $59 to $79 once commercially available. You’ll have early access and be the first to know your horse’s results for this exciting new discovery. Please be advised that testing for this mutation is still in the early discovery phase of research. This means we still have much to learn about the nature of the mutation.

We know you are excited (as are we!) for the scientific details but please be patient until we are allowed to share more. Once the publication is released, we will be able to share more about the research that Team Etalon has been performing behind the scenes & all there is to know about this new novel white variant. Stay tuned for more information!

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