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New Novel White Variant Discovered

When working in the exciting world of genetics, there is never a moment to rest! Over the past several years, there has been an explosion of new genomic data and discoveries that reveal how little we know about our horses’ DNA. Here at Etalon, our researchers have made an abundance of exciting new discoveries over the past several years while exploring the world of the equine genome. These discoveries span from new coat colors and modifiers to more insight into equine diseases and how they work, along with exciting new performance genetics that shape our equine athletes. Team Etalon has recently released another FIVE newly published discoveries… and we’re excited to announce that we have recently discovered a new novel white variant - which will make our SIXTH discovery of the year! This publication is currently in process and we can’t wait to share it once the scientific journal has approved and released it to all of us.

Meet the stunning Payback Flamboyant! When performing DNA sequencing on this beautiful Arabian stallion, Etalon researchers made a fantastic discovery: a brand-new novel white mutation. Payback Flamboyant’s Variant Summary is A/a, e/e, nd1/nd2 and a NEW mutation, resulting in all that beautiful chrome! Horses with this new mutation present with white stockings and belly marks, which has been thus far also found in several additional breeds including Paint horses.

We know you are excited (as are we!) but please be patient until we are allowed to share the details! Once the research is complete, the fun part begins: What do we call it and how many of our beloved horses might have it? Stay tuned for more information on this as we sort out what is known, what we found, where it may have come from and what the heck we call it! Not to mention, we speculate that there is something very unique about this particular mutation… keep an eye on Etalon’s Social Media and Blog to find out!

- Team Etalon

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