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Meet "Ivorhy"

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

"Meet Ivorhy ~ a half Arabian filly that has fooled many with her white coat. She was born with blue eyes that have changed to brown. She tested by EtalonDx to be Amber Champagne Dun Sb1/W15 . She is an exciting blend of colors from both sire and dam. Her sire, Rhocky Rhoad, was Purebred Arabian and his son, Rhevelation was the purebred Arabian tested and to be assigned the W15 in Germany. Her APHA dam is homozygous for dun and is champagne.  Chase N It Farm has been working with EtalonDx since they were the first lab to include the W15 test, we've always had accurate results! Thanks EtalonDx for sharing our passion of unique color genetics!” ~ Cherie Mamula

Photo by Cherie Lonas Mamula 2018

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