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Kissing Spines Study a Success

Because of your help, we did it! The Kissing Spines study has become a success story. While there is still work to be done and details to sort through, our community's contribution has been key in this success. We can not thank you enough for sharing our message far and wide, encouraging horse people from all over the world to send in samples and X-Rays and take part in this important study.

The official release of the Kissing Spines study initial results was presented to veterinarians at the AAEP Virtual Convention & Trade Show by Etalon Advisors Beau Whitaker, DVM, and Samantha Brooks, Ph.D. This presentation, titled "Identification of Genomic Loci Associated with Performance-Limiting Kissing Spines in Quarter Horses and Warmbloods", was released beginning Tuesday, December 1st. There was also a live panel discussion on Saturday, December 5 where speakers responded to questions pertaining to their talks.

Very soon, we will be releasing this presentation on our website for viewers to learn more about the study's initial results. Stay tuned!


Team Etalon

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