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How does Etalon's Ancestry platform help Mustang owners?

Etalon Equine Genetics recently announced an exciting new endeavor called "Mission Mustang", where Team Etalon has set out to better understand the American Mustang's heritage through genetic analysis, geographic mapping, and herd comparison. We want you and your Mustang: test with Etalon and join in the mission! Let's explore how Etalon's Ancestry platform helps Mustang owners better understand their horse.

The most important application is answering one big question: Who am I, and where is my family?

Here's how we do it:

Etalon' Ancestry & Breed Composition testing is an in-depth comparison of your horse's genetic make-up and how it is like, or unlike, other horses within various "breeds", disciplines, and populations around the world. Your Mustang's ancestry results will give you a better understanding of who they are, and what they're best suited for.

Etalon's Ancestry platform allows for herd DNA comparison. Your mustang's Ancestry results will help researchers learn more about his/her herd, where the horses came from, & trace their ancestry back to horses outside of the herds. By combining the science with the horse owner insight, we can look at the genetics and physical location of each animal. In so doing, we can begin to understand the general genetic composition (or the "average" breed wheel that represents a target group of horses) for various herds.

"Mission Mustang" has taken Ancestry testing for Mustang owners up a few notches. One tool coming soon will help horse owners locate their horse's family members. Kinship Analysis & "Horses Like Me" will allow horse owners to track down family members, and find horses most genetically similar to their own.

(Both tools are currently in the beta/discovery phase, and will be fully available on your Etalon Ancestry profile in late summer or early fall!)

We want you and your Mustang: test with Etalon and join in the mission! When ordering your EtalonDx Ancestry & Breed Composition test, make sure to include as much information as you can in their notes about your Mustang's history. We're looking forward to working together to better understand the American Mustang that we all know and love.

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