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Meet "Hello Colordream"

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Exciting Discovery Alert: Meet Hello Colordream, a very unique purebred Arabian with TWO copies of the W19 gene! Unlike most "white" Arabians, who appear white but are actually gray, Colordream IS actually white with blue eyes (no gray variants in this boy). 

W19 is a Dominant White mutation commonly believed to be homozygous lethal, meaning that horses who have 2 copies are either A) born dead, or B) not born at all - yet here he is alive and beautiful.  Genetics is an ever-changing world of discovery, reminding us every day how much more there is to learn!

To learn more about the W19 variant, check out this published article co-authored by our own Dr. Samantha Brooks:

Thanks to Hello Colordream's owner, Laetitia Lheritier, for allowing us to share him!

Photography by Anne Blocher Brun - Orientika Arabians

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