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"EtalonDx is taking the guesswork out of these traits"

"Good temperament in my horses means the world to me. In order to develop a strong partnership with a horse that I am riding, the horse needs to be both willing and curious. Up until recently, these traits were something that I had to discover on my own over time when a new horse came in for training.

EtalonDx is taking the guesswork out of these traits. While temperament is a complex trait influenced by multiple genetic and environmental factors, Etalon has found that predisposition to traits like curiosity (an interest in novel objects and a willingness to approach them) and vigilance (the tendency of a horse to examine its surroundings carefully and from a safer distance) can be seen within the genetic makeup of each horse.

After Etalon Diagnostics did this testing on Diego and Pat we now know that they were both homozygous for the G allele, and horses homozygous for the G allele (G/G) have been found to display both higher curiosity and lower vigilance scores. I guess I have a type!

Whether you want to find your type for training purposes, or you’re planning to breed and want to test for certain traits that you’d like to replicate or avoid, Etalon Diagnostics is a treasure chest of valuable information!"

-Laine Ashker Eventing and Dressage

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