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Ordering  a Test

(without logging in)


So you hate to log in to things, or the computer just isn't coorperating (perhaps you just like keeping it simple)?  Either way, we are happy to have you complete our testing process in the most "organic" fashion possible.  Paper method!  Below you'll find instructions for ordering a test by downloading and printing the Sample Submission Form, and what to do next:

Print out the Sample Submission Form and Complete Your Horse's Info



Collect a Good Hair Sample and Place it into the Folded Submission Form


Now that you have your Sample Form printed and filled out, it may help to


1) Pre-fold your form to hold the hair and fit into the envelope easily.


2) View How To video on equine hair sampling (click here)


3)  Place sample and form into addressed envelope and be sure it's securely sealed.

**If you are paying with a check, be sure to include it as well!!



Mail the Sample and Form to EtalonDx and Choose Your Payment Method


Be sure your envelope is addressed to:


Etalon Diagnostics

405 El Camino Real, #234

Menlo Park, CA 94025


Include the correct postage and send it to us in the mail.  You can include a check in the envelope or request to be invoiced to submit payment via credit card or Paypal.  We can also accept payment using Square (also for credit cards or Paypal) by clicking here.


Thanks in advance for your support and enthusiasm, we look forward to reporting your results!

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