How to Order:

At present we offer 2 services to the public; the  Etalon DNA Minipanel which includes 50+ genetic tests on one panel (see menu image) and the DNA Minipanel PLUS:


1) Order online using our Private Client Interface (recommended) and it will provide you with a prefilled Sample Submission Form to print, include hair sample and send in to Etalon.

Once you complete payment, your prefilled Sample Submission Form will be emailed to you (it is also available under the "Test History" tab for your horse). Please print your form, enclose the hair sample (How To Video) and mail to:
Etalon Diagnostics
405 El Camino Real, #234
Menlo Park, CA 94025
2) Order manually (no login, no account) by printing a Sample Submission Form and including a check ($99 per horse for DNA Minipanel or $129 for DNA Minipanel PLUS) along with your sample.
*Please make checks payable to Etalon, Inc.


Not sure how to pull a good hair sample?  Take a quick look at our "How to" video and (CLICK HERE)


Want to know how to prepare and what to expect?  Please see details and timing outlined on our page, "The Process"  


**For prepurchase, breeding or time-sensitive testing, we always recommend sending samples with a tracking number.



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