Rescue Horse Mystery: A story of love and family united by Equine Ancestry DNA

September 5, 2023

Welcome to Genetics Unbridled, a podcast series powered by Etalon Equine Genetics! Take a listen and enjoy the success stories where we use DNA testing and technology to solve the mysteries in horse health, performance, abilities and now...family!

In the rolling hills of Nashville, a unique story unfolds—one where music meets horses. Liz Hill, a musician and horse lover, takes us on a journey with her rescue horse, Cairo. Since Cairo was saved as a young foal, Liz has always wondered about his origins and breed. Who is Cairo?

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The story begins with a thoughtful gift from Liz's husband: an Etalon Equine Genetics DNA test for Cairo. This simple gift turns out to reveal an incredible tale. The results of the DNA test arrive and tell us about Cairo's genetic makeup and the science behind his coat's unique patterns. These results give us clues about Cairo's breeds and traits, like putting together pieces of a puzzle. But the most exciting part is yet to come.

Cairo's ancestry and breed composition results reveal a connection. In Cairo’s DNA report, there's a stallion named Sky View's Triton mentioned in both the "Horses Like Me" (similar genetics) and "Find My Herd" (direct relatives) sections. The similarity percentage is 85%, which means Sky View’s Triton is closely related to Cairo. This indicates a strong family connection like parent, offspring, or full sibling.

Enter Janet Johnson, Triton's owner. With Triton at 22 years old and Cairo at 17, the timing suggests Triton appears to be Cairo’s sire (father). Janet tells us about Connemara horses known for their intelligence and versatility. Her insights match Liz's observations about Cairo's behavior, making the genetic discoveries even more meaningful.

Horse Ancestry

But this story isn't just about genetics; it's about understanding and connections. Liz and Janet show us how science and heritage can link together, highlighting the deep bond between humans and horses. This partnership goes beyond genes, revealing the special relationship between people and animals.

As the story unfolds, there's still a part of Cairo's story we don't know—his dam (mother). Based on Cairo's DNA, it's likely she's a Quarter Horse, Paint, or Appaloosa. By sharing this story widely, maybe we'll uncover the mystery mare and complete Cairo's story!

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