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Naked Foal Syndrome (NFS)

Naked Foal Syndrome (NFS)


Gene or region:  ST14

Reference allele: G

Mutant allele: T

Affected Breeds: Akhal Teke

Research Confidence:                           Moderate confidence, strong correlation in larger studies


GG - n/n - negative for NFS 


GT - nfs/n - "carrier" status - may pass NFS on to 50% of any offspring


TT - nfs/nfs - likely affected, likely lethal


What it does:  


Naked Foal Syndrome (NFS) is a recessive genetic disorder resulting in the birth of foals with little to no hair and a general weakness with death occurring early in life (weeks to months). 



A Nonsense Variant in the ST14 Gene in Akhal-Teke Horses with Naked Foal Syndrome 

Anina BauerTheresa HiemeschVidhya JagannathanMarkus NeuditschkoIris BachmannStefan RiederSofia MikkoM Cecilia PenedoNadja TarasovaMartina Vitková

Nicolò SirtoriPaola RoccabiancaTosso LeebMonika M Welle

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