Equine Height Variants (LCORL)

Height (H1)


Gene or region:  LCORL / NCAPG

Reference allele: T

Mutant allele: C

Affected Breeds: Many

Research Confidence:                               Moderate confidence, findings reproduced in multiple studies


What it does:  


The domestic horse displays a wide range of size variation, from the tiny Miniature Horses to the towering draft breeds. While height is a complex trait involving a variety of genetic and environmental factors, the breeding systems of domestic animals has led to a small number of genes being responsible for large amounts of variation in several species. One study in the horse has shown four loci can explain up to 83.5% of body size variation. This SNP in particular explained 68.5% of the measured variation in height, with the T allele being associated with small body size, and the C allele with large size (T/C animals displaying an intermediate size). 

n/n - Typical/Average risk; no contribution to height from this variant


LCORL/n - Likely taller/larger than like-bred siblings or breeds


LCORL/LCORL - Likely taller/larger than like bred siblings or breeds (average of 2.9 inches taller than "CC" horses)

LCORL is a transcription factor that has been associated with body size in a variety of species. One study in the horse has suggested that the C allele removes a binding site for TFIID (which is involved with skeletal development), which is further associated with decreased expression of LCORL. This alteration of gene expression could be the molecular basis for the association with body size.




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