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Innovate your horse breeding operation with Build-A-Horse, the world's most unique animal genetics tool. Visualize your future foal’s attributes including color & patterns, identify performance abilities, and uncover potential genetic health risks or diseases.

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Discover the exceptional features of Build-A-Horse! Our proprietary technology, fueled by a vast horse database, awaits you. Create your account for a journey into precision breeding with Build-A-Horse—get started today!

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Build-A-Horse offers the flexibility to incorporate your own horses into virtual breeding or you can choose from Etalon's expansive global equine database. Define your foal's characteristics, from color to speed and discipline, and effortlessly explore a handpicked selection of compatible sires and dams to bring your ideal horse to life.

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Envision your future foal's distinct attributes, from colors and patterns, to temperament and performance abilities. Uncover potential genetic health risks or diseases with our innovative platform. Explore the endless possibilities today with Build-A-Horse—your dream foal is just a click away!

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"I genetically tested Chief because I wanted to know more about him. I learned all about his color, any disease risk, and tons of other cool things. I think that anyone with a horse can benefit from genetic testing. Getting to know them from the inside can help you so much with how to better care for them!"

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