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Here at Etalon we have a strong focus on research and discovery. As horse people, we understand that no one knows your horse better than you do. In working closely with owners, trainers, riders and veterinarians, we accelerate the discovery process and learn more about equine health, genetics and performance - everyone wins!
SNO ("SnowDrop")
Bisbee, et al., "Identification of a novel missense variant in SLC45A2 associated with dilute snowdrop phenotype in Gypsy horses" (2019) Anim. Genet.
SPLASHED WHITE 5 ("AfterShock")
Henkel, et al., "Whole-genome sequencing reveals a large deletion in the MITF gene in horses with white spotted coat colour and increased risk of deafness" (2019) Anim. Genet. 50: 172-4.
PEARL & SUNSHINE ("Captain Sunshine")
Holl, et al., "A candidate gene approach identifies variants in SLC45A2 that explain dilute phenotypes, pearl and sunshine, in compound heterozygote horses." (2019) Anim. Genet. 50(3):271-274.
WHITE 22 ("Airdrie Apache")
Leeb, et al., "Whole genome sequencing reveals a novel deletion variant in the KIT gene in horses with white spotted coat colour phenotypes." (2017) Anim. Genet. 48(4):483-485.
WHITE 23 and W15/W15 ("Khartoon Khlassic")
Holl, et al., "A novel splice mutation within equine KIT and the W15 allele in the homozygous state lead to all white coat color phenotypes" (2017) Anim. Genet. 48(4):497-498.



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