Etalon Beta Testing Terms & Legal Stuff

Dear Etalon Client and Beta Tester,


Thank you for agreeing to be part of our research community! At Etalon, we are committed to our members and the health of their horses. Your feedback on this project is very helpful. As you know, we are also committed to protecting our clients, their data and all of the good folks collaborating with us. We, therefor, ask you to review the following legalese to make sure we are all in agreement as we move forward on this exciting endeavor:

As part of this community, you will receive information about Etalon, including but not limited to, our business and products (past, present, and future). In each case, the information and materials are confidential. We ask that you agree to not use, share, disclose, copy, record, or otherwise reproduce that information or our conversations without our consent or the consent of the included Beta users, and so we are asking that you enter into this “Confidentiality Agreement and Release."

Once you choose to participate in a beta testing session, you will see the above terms displayed at the beginning of the process (when you login to access a testing portal). You will be required to check the box next to the "I have read and agree to the terms" statement prior to accessing any of the testing platform to ensure you understand and agree to the testing terms.

By selecting “I Agree” below, you will be entering into a Confidentiality Agreement and Release ("Agreement") with Etalon and our Beta users also participating in this testing.

You are agreeing that (1) you will not use, disclose or share any "Confidential Information" that you learn, discuss, hear, overhear, read, etc., without the consent of Etalon and (2) we can use your feedback and take notes, photos, and other recordings of your participation in the study; your feedback as a user and horse person will be used to help us improve our products and services.

You agree that you won’t take, use, copy, record, or otherwise reproduce or disclose any materials related to the study, testing, photos, or recordings related to the study without the consent of Etalon. "Confidential Information" means any and all information you see, hear, or learn in connection with this study and the Beta testing interactions, but it doesn't include information that is already publicly known.

You agree that we are free to use and disclose any suggestions or feedback we get from you during the course of the study without any further payment or consent from you.

You further agree that we may document your participation in the study (notes, photos, audio, video, or otherwise) and you are granting us the right to use these materials, as well as your Etalon profile information, for internal use without your review or further approval. 

Some final details about this Agreement: Changes can only be made with the written consent of both you and us. Also, regardless of where you reside you agree that this Agreement is controlled by the laws of the State of California (excluding its conflict of law rules) – if there is a breach of this Agreement and we need to go to court, you agree that claims and disputes will be litigated in San Mateo, California. Etalon can assign any of the rights and obligations under this Agreement to another, but you agree that you cannot.



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