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Samples are needed from horses diagnosed with DSLD.

To participate in the study, we will need the following information for your horse no later than January 20, 2020:


1) Veterinary diagnosis of Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis (DSLD) including notation on which limbs are affected

2) Horse name (full name and barn name), age, height, gender

3) Full photos of horse standing (profile conformation photos)

4) Any available films (i.e. radiographs or ultrasound)

5) Submitted pulled hair sample or whole blood, tissue biopsy, etc.

In order to submit your hair sample:

1) Log in to your Etalon account or create an account

2) Choose your horse, or "Add" your horse to your account and add Horse name, age, height, gender

3) Order a test for your horse - for this study, please Study_DSLD. Please scroll toward the bottom of the list of packages to locate this test option; there is no cost associated with this test panel.

4) Place order, and follow the directions for submitting hair sample


Please send your photos and radiographs to Please include your horse's name in the subject line of the email. If your radiographs are labeled with a different name than the name you used to create your Etalon account, please let us know in the body of your email.

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