Equine Curly Coat

Curly Horse Genetics (KRT25 and SP6)


Gene or region:  KRT25 and SP6

Reference allele: G, C

Mutant allele: A, T

Affected Breeds: Many

Research Confidence:                           Moderate confidence, strong correlation in larger studies


GG or CC - n/n - negative for known Curly genes


GA or CT - Curly/n - "carrier" status and Curly - may pass Curly on to 50% of any offspring


TAA or TT- Curly/Curly - Curly and will pass Curly on to 100% of any offspring


What it does:  

Known Curly variants are autosomal dominant meaning that any horse with at least one copy will likely have curly hair and be able to pass that gene to at least 50% of any offspring. 



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