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Persistent DNA damage signalling triggers senescence-associated inflammatory cytokine secretion

F Rodier, JP Coppé, CK Patil, WAM Hoeijmakers, DP Muñoz, SR Raza, ...

Nature cell biology 11 (8), 973-979


Inflammatory networks during cellular senescence: causes and consequences

A Freund, AV Orjalo, PY Desprez, J Campisi

Trends in molecular medicine 16 (5), 238-246


p38MAPK is a novel DNA damage response‐independent regulator of the senescence‐associated secretory phenotype

A Freund, CK Patil, J Campisi

The EMBO journal 30 (8), 1536-1548


Tumor suppressor and aging biomarker p16INK4a induces cellular senescence without the associated inflammatory secretory phenotype

JP Coppé, F Rodier, CK Patil, A Freund, PY Desprez, J Campisi

Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (42), 36396-36403


Lamin B1 loss is a senescence-associated biomarker

A Freund, RM Laberge, M Demaria, J Campisi

Molecular biology of the cell 23 (11), 2066-2075


TPP1 OB-fold domain controls telomere maintenance by recruiting telomerase to chromosome ends

FL Zhong, LFZ Batista, A Freund, MF Pech, AS Venteicher, SE Artandi

Cell 150 (3), 481-494


Glucocorticoids suppress selected components of the senescence‐associated secretory phenotype

RM Laberge, L Zhou, MR Sarantos, F Rodier, A Freund, PLJ de Keizer, ...

Aging cell 11 (4), 569-578


Signaling pathways that regulate cellular senescence

AM Freund

University of California, Berkeley



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