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Team Etalon includes top scientists, geneticists, biologists, tech experts, professional equestrians and animal lovers from the Silicon Valley, esteemed universities and laboratories around the nation. We strive to create meaningful, useful and scientifically valid methods for improving the lives and health of our valued performance, service, and companion animals.

















Our genetic diagnostic platform provides  comprehensive panels of commercially available genetic diagnostics you may have seen offered as single horse DNA genetic tests by various vendors/laboratories and/or other sources.  Additionally we have included many new genetic markers and diagnostics you may not have seen and may not have been aware were now available.  Not only have we included numerous new equine traits and markers for health diagnostics, but we have placed them all on comprehensive panels (the equine "easy" button!)


While the genetic testing panels are, alone, very cutting edge; they is only the tip of the...tail, and we can't wait to reveal to you and your horses what's next!

Etalon Jumping Horse DNA
Equine Speed and Endurance DNA
Equine Dressage Performance DNA
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